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You smell like a baby prostitute
...it's the notebook, hells yeah.
AH! i still read this! i think we all do, except maybe courtney, but… 
3rd-Jun-2007 05:42 pm
AH! i still read this! i think we all do, except maybe courtney, but i feel like that doesnt count.

i have exactly 5 minutes to write because i have to pay for internet (STUP) and i only got 20 minutes, 5 of which are left, so im going to write SO FAST. it might not be extremely clear, kind of like that last sentence.

i moved in to the YWCA a few days ago. yeah. im a vagabond, basically. before that i was at wellelsey for two days, and MADLINE ALBRIGHT spoke at graduation!!! AHH she was so good and inspiring. so proud of wellesley sometimes. mhmm.

i am getting kind of scared for my internship. im sure it will be find and great, but i mean.... kind of scary, really.

i went shopping today for clothes for it, and it was actually very difficult. they explicitly told me not the wear anything that made me look good, basically. nothing too form fitting or low cut. UMMMM. its hard not to shop based on what makes you look pretty. its weird. i didnt like it.

ok, umm, i only have 30 seconds left. i guess that means i have to go.

i will write more once i start! love you all!
3rd-Jun-2007 10:03 pm (UTC)
haaaaaa non-private. always you brandeet, always you. once you're no longer homeless we shall chat about our lives. talk to you soon, love.
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