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You smell like a baby prostitute
...it's the notebook, hells yeah.
13th-Jan-2008 08:06 pm
oh heyyyyyyyy girlies. everyone go to vienna. freal. its fricken sweet. everything is amazing and old, and regal. i went to the ball last night in the IMPERIAL PALACE UMMMMMM IWEV OWIEFAOIW. omfffffg. it was amazing, obvi. it was in lots of different rooms, with several different music things going on, but the main part of it was in this CRAZY ball room. it was kind of awkward though because everyone was super duper hardcore rich, so we were kind of like the poor american un-classy peasents. we got a lot of stares. its odd, everyone here is rich in a very old-school way-- lots of fur coats everywhere, and lots of over-the-top manners, and palaces, and carriages, and chandeliers. there is literally a chandelier in every single place ive been-- including our guest house, which is a semi-relgious and really cute but defintely not regal place. ahhhhh. ahhhhhhhh..... ummmm i wish i could think of more to say. im feeling pressure because im going to run out of time on the internet soon. but i guess thats basically the most important thing-- rich crazy old school building and people. my german is pretty terrible, mostly because, as we've realized, we know how to say things like "the imperial palace, though at one time very influencial in its reign, gradually lost its importance as the aristocracy faded" but cant ask if theres toilet paper. my dress was really static-y, so i was trying to ask a woman what to do about it, and ended up explaining myself by saying something to the effect of, "my dress.... its a long dress... and it makes.... little fires? very little fires? like... bzz-- bzzz-- zap? overall though its been really fun. the girls are pretty great. my prof is kind of an ass, but whatevs. im in vienna. ok, i cant wait to talk to you all!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh miss you bunches and bunches, loveeeee
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